Tell Your Lawyer “Thank You”? Yes, and Everyone Else Too!

A few days ago, I received a very touching, personal thank you note from a firm client and close friend.  To say the note made me feel good is an understatement.  You can read it here:  Thank You Note.  Perhaps it was the fact that the note was written by hand on heavy stock note paper.  Maybe it was the fact that it was written in cursive (a form of communication that my childrens’ school has decided to abandon given the over-reliance on keyboarding!).  Perhaps it was because I know that our firm obtained a very good result for this client’s husband in a personal injury case (he was run over by an SUV while walking in a crosswalk with the light).  Believe it or not, even when a lawyer obtains a good result for a client, the client (especially a large corporate client) may never say “Thank you!”  This is probably because the end of a case is often followed by the final invoice to the client (which no client ever really likes to pay)!  The “Power of Thank You” cannot be overstated.  It is “free” and actually makes people feel great.  When I received that handwritten thank you note from our client, it really made my day.  I immediately picked up the phone and said “Thank you” to her for sending such a nice note, and told her how much it meant to me and our law firm.  I asked her for permission to post the thank you note on this blog and to have it framed and put up in my office.  She was really stunned and said “yes, of course!”  I shared it with my colleagues at the office and told them that our goal at the firm should be to have a wall full of wonderful “Thank You” notes from our clients.  Now that would be something.  I am confident we can do it.  Thanks you for reading this post!

/s/ Antonio DeBlasio
Managing Member, DeBlasio & Gower LLC