At DeBlasio & Gower LLC, our team of experienced Illinois wills attorneys knows the complex emotions and, often, financial circumstances and legal issues involved in living wills, trusts, estate plans, and other related areas of law. That’s why we’ve dedicated more than four decades to serving clients with solutions that suit their needs. 

We work with you to create detailed, legally enforceable documents that address factors like powers of attorney, asset distribution, children’s trusts, and more. We’ll also coordinate with your insurance company, accountant, and financial planner to ensure that your estate administrators execute your wishes according to your will.

You can trust our law office for legally-binding wills, estate planning, estate administration, trusts, and more. 

The Elements of a Will

Also known as a last will and testament, your will is a valid, legally enforceable document that includes your wishes regarding property distribution, inheritances, and who will care for your minor children in the event of your death, if applicable. Without a will, the courts could make decisions regarding your assets and children that may not align with your wishes. 

Depending on your wishes and circumstances, your will should include: 

  • Who will execute your will and carry out your wishes
  • How you would like to distribute your assets, including cash, property, possessions, investments, and owned businesses
  • Which assets you would like to direct to charities, organizations, or other institutions
  • Who will become the guardian of your minor children, if applicable
  • Who will receive the remainder of your assets or estate

Even if you’ve set up a trust for your beneficiaries, a will ensures that all of your assets–not only those included in your trust–are distributed according to your wishes. Depending on your circumstances, your Illinois wills attorney may recommend creating a pour-over will alongside your trust. Pour-over wills address any assets that you intended to put in your trust but hadn’t retitled at the time of your death. 

Do I Need a Will in Illinois?

In short, yes. At DeBlasio & Gower LLC, our estate planning attorneys highly recommend creating a will, regardless of your financial or familial circumstances. Without a will, the state will distribute your assets according to established guidelines. 

Estate Plans, Wills, and Trusts: Experienced Illinois Wills Attorney

At DeBlasio & Gower LLC, we offer a comprehensive range of services related to practice areas like estate planning, wills, and trusts. 

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