Navigating the probate process after a loved one’s death can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re the estate administrator, trust administrator, or an heir, the legal process can feel as if it’s wrought with complex steps, lengthy delays, and frustrating challenges in probate court, especially without the help of an experienced Illinois probate attorney. 

At DeBlasio & Gower LLC, our team of estate planning and probate attorneys has more than four decades of experience navigating the probate process in Illinois. We know the ins and outs of Illinois probate law and can help you manage probate legal concerns efficiently, effectively, and compassionately. 

What is Probate?

During the probate process, the executors of a will, estate plan, or trust distribute the deceased person’s assets to their heirs. 

The legal process also involves paying any remaining taxes and debts. In many cases, the probate court process becomes lengthy and time-intensive, requiring a substantial amount of paperwork, court appearances, and more.

Not everyone’s estate will go through the probate process, however. For example, some assets pass through the probate process, including: 

  • Jointly owned property
  • Assets held in a trust
  • Assets with a named beneficiary, including payable- or transferable-on-death bank accounts, retirement plans, or real estate holdings

Further, if you work with your financial planner, accountant, insurance company, and an experienced Illinois estate planning attorney, you can create a last will and testament, living trust, and estate plan that may enable your heirs to avoid the probate process entirely. 

The Probate Legal Process

Creating a will won’t necessarily prevent your heirs from going through the probate process, though it may make it simpler. However, if you or a loved one passes away without a legally valid will, the county court system will oversee the probate process. 

Probate Attorneys You Can Trust: Our Services

Healing from the loss of a loved one is hard enough. You don’t need to manage the stressful, court-intensive probate process on your own, too. At DeBlasio & Gower LLC, our Illinois probate attorneys will guide you every step of the way. 

We will help you prepare for court, assist with court appearances, file public notices and probate documentation, assign an executor to your lost loved one’s estate, and protect you from any legal claims from creditors, family members, or other parties. 

Do You Need an Attorney for Probate in Illinois?

Whether you need legal representation or a reliable party to oversee the complicated paperwork, court appearances, and filings that come along with probate, you can turn to us for assistance every step of the way. Please contact our Illinois probate attorneys today at 630-560-1123 for more information.