Estate planning doesn’t only address who will receive your assets after your death. It is a way to plan for the future and protect your property. 

At DeBlasio & Gower LLC, we believe that everyone should take the time to create a comprehensive estate plan. With that said, estate planning looks different for each person, making it essential to seek out legal services from an experienced estate planning attorney. 

At DeBlasio & Gower LLC, our team has over four decades of experience in various areas of law, including creating estate plans, overseeing estate administrations, and navigating  legal issues that arise during the estate planning process. You can trust our team of Illinois estate planning attorneys to create a comprehensive plan that addresses what matters most. 

Do I Need an Estate Plan? 

Our attorneys at DeBlasio & Gower LLC highly recommend estate planning to every client. Estate plans address several critical end-of-life elements, including: 

  • Asset preservation
  • Distribution of property, money, and other assets
  • Care plans for minor children

As a result, estate plans can feel complex, especially if you attempt to create one without an experienced Illinois estate planning attorney. Our team will work with you to help you protect your hard-earned assets and ensure that your estate plan administrator executes your wishes following your death. 

Trustworthy Estate Planning and Administration in Illinois

At DeBlasio & Gower LLC, we offer a wide range of legal services related to estate planning, including: 


Many of our clients ask, “Are probate and estate planning the same thing?” While probate is an element of the legal process related to your estate plan, it is not the same as estate planning. 

In many cases, “probate” refers to probate court. However, attorneys often use the term to describe legally administrating a trust or will. During the probate process, your executor, an attorney, and the county court system will work to execute your will according to your wishes, pay any outstanding debts or taxes, and navigate claims against your estate before distributing your assets. 

Wills and Testaments

Your will dictates how you want your executor to divide your property and other assets after your death. Without a will, the court system will designate you as intestate and make decisions regarding your property that don’t necessarily align with your wishes. 

Trusts & Trust Administration

Our DeBlasio & Gower LLC team can determine the best type of trust for your circumstances. Depending on your preferences, you can create an irrevocable trust, which includes final decisions regarding your assets, a living trust, which allows you to remain in control over the trust until your death, or one of several other types of trusts. 

Powers of Attorney Services

In a power of attorney document, you can name a friend, family member, or other person to oversee your personal affairs, financial decisions, and property in the event of an illness or injury that leaves you unable to make decisions for yourself. 

At DeBlasio & Gower LLC, we’ll work with you to determine who will receive powers of attorney and create a legally binding document to protect you, your loved ones, and your property. 

Experienced Illinois Estate Planning Attorney

When you need an experienced Illinois estate planning attorney who will be there when it matters, trust our team at DeBlasio & Gower LLC. We’ll guide you through the estate planning process, offer advice when needed, and coordinate with your accountant, insurance company, and financial planners to execute your estate according to your wishes. 

Contact our DeBlasio & Gower LLC attorneys today at 630-560-1123 to schedule a consultation with our estate planning team.