No one wants to hire an attorney. But when they have to, clients place their trust in the experienced attorneys at DeBlasio & Gower. Our sole focus is resolving disputes quickly and effectively and obtaining the justice our clients deserve.

The breadth of our experience in personal injury and complex civil litigation matters is unquestioned. We have represented clients with severe personal injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and burns. We have advised foreign clients with interests in the United States. We have served government clients in our capacity as a Special Assistant Attorney General on behalf of an Illinois Governor and the Illinois Department of Human Services. We have represented estate beneficiaries in contested probate and estate cases. We have been hired as special outside counsel to the Illinois State Board of Education to recover over $2.2 million in misused or unaccounted for grant funds. Mr. DeBlasio has served as counsel for a receiver appointed by a federal judge to recover money for investors duped in a $22 million Ponzi scheme. We have litigated claims for shareholders in closely held businesses when “partnerships” fall apart. We are proud of the results our attorneys have obtained over the years. See a sampling of our results.

We are trial lawyers first. As trial lawyers, we are skilled in getting down to business, identifying the core issues and working creatively to find resolutions for our clients. Sometimes the disputes are resolved in federal court or county court. These are battle arenas that we are trained to walk into and advocate aggressively for our clients. Not every lawyer is a trial lawyer. Many lawyers have never stepped into a courtroom. We are different. We have helped clients in a variety of settings get results in court, including, injury and wrongful death victims, business persons from various industry sectors such as health care, technology, communications, financial, education, real estate, manufacturing, estate beneficiaries, trustees and executors, construction, management firms, consulting firms, not for profits, religious organizations, as well as foreign and domestic government entities.

We are strategically located with offices in Chicago and Oak Brook, serving clients in Cook, DuPage and Will Counties in Illinois. To schedule an appointment, call us at (630)560-1124 or you may contact us via this website at our contact page by clicking here. We look forward to meeting you.