Personal Injury? Act Quickly To Preserve Evidence.

Picture of DoctorsPersonal injuries can be sustained in almost every aspect of life.   Some are minor and others can have a devastating impact on your life and the lives of your loved one.   In such a situation, you should immediately contact a reputable personal injury attorney.   First and foremost, critical evidence can be lost or destroyed if not preserved quickly.  A talented personal injury attorney could immediately take steps to assist you in identifying and preserving critical evidence.  For example, if you are injured in a slip and fall near a retail establishment such as a Barnes & Noble or Starbucks Coffee Shop, that retail establishment or one nearby may have rolling video of the inside or outside sidewalk area where you were injured.  But not all businesses videotape their premises and the ones that do may only keep the videotape archive for a short period of time.  Securing a copy of the videotape quickly could assist you greatly in proving your case in a court of law.  If you sustain an injury due to the fault or negligence of another person, you or a family member or friend should take action immediately by contacting a personal injury attorney.The law firm of DeBlasio & Gower LLC has extensive experience representing individuals in personal injury cases.  Individuals sustaining significant personal injuries (physical and/or psychological) will find that our attorneys have the skills to pursue claims for negligence and in certain circumstances, willful and wanton (reckless) conduct, as well as survival claims and wrongful death claims.  These claims may arise in many different contexts, including car accidents and work-related injuries.  Successful plaintiffs may be awarded damages for various forms of losses and injuries, including, but not limited to:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of Consortium / Loss of Society
  • Loss of Normal Life
  • Loss of Bodily Functions
  • Past / Future Wage Loss

Examples of personal injury cases our law firm has handled include:

  • Representation of an estate against a Chicago suburban hospital for the wrongful death of a father of four following surgery.
  • Lawsuit against one of the world’s largest oil companies and other defendants resulting from severe personal injuries sustained in an explosion at a gas station in Chicago while a tanker truck was delivering gasoline.
  • Lawsuit resulting from personal injuries sustained when a tractor-trailer carrying steel collided with our client as a result of its brakes failing.
  • Medical malpractice action for failure to diagnose resulting in permanent hearing loss and other injuries.
  • Lawsuit filed by young male struck in street crosswalk by and SUV resulting in severe personal injuries.
  • Lawsuit filed by our client who was attacked by an individual who mistakenly believed that our client was stealing items from his identical looking Lexus SUV.

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