Motorcycle Injuries In Illinois.

Motorcyclist - www.123rf.comBetween 2001 and 2008, more than 34,000 motorcyclists were killed and an estimated 1,222,000 motorcyclists were treated in U.S. emergency rooms for non-fatal injuries.  Motorcycle riders know all too well that other drivers often fail to “see” motorcyclists.  Recently, I was sitting on my motorcycle at a red light when I heard tires screech behind me.  I turned my head to see a car swerving to avoid crashing into me from behind just before coming to a stop right next to me in my lane.  Fortunately, the car missed me.  But, the near-miss reminded me how vulnerable I was as a motorcyclist on the open road.   Nothing I could have done would have prevented this near crash.  But, there are several steps that motorcyclists can take to hopefully reduce injuries.  Here are just a few:

1.    Keep out of a car’s blind spots and keep a safe distance so that you have time to react in case of an emergency.
2.    Wear a helmet.  In Illinois, motorcyclists can choose whether or not to wear a helmet.  But, a helmet can save your life.  So choose to wear one.  Your loved ones will thank you for it.
3.    Wear warm clothing in cold weather.  Being cold can stiffen your muscles, impairing your response time and maneuverability.  So wear multiple layers and wind-proof materials on cold or rainy days.
4.    Check your tires.  If a tire blows on a car, you can usually just pull onto the shoulder.  But if a tire blows on a motorcycle, you hit the pavement.

I’ll see you on the road.  Ride safe.

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