Life Changes…So Should Your Estate Plan

Here are 10 life changes that should prompt a review of your estate plan…

1.   Marital Status – Are you recently married, divorced, or remarried?

2.   Size of family – Have you recently welcomed children to your family (born or adopted)?

3.   Guardian – Do you want to change who would be guardian of your minor children?

4.   Beneficiaries – Do you want to change who will receive your property, or how much they will receive?

5.   Person in Charge – Do you want to change who will be in charge of administering your Will (Executor), your Trust (Trustee) or your                  Agent under a Power of Attorney?

6.   Assets – Has there been a significant change in the assets you own?

7.   Medical Care – Have you changed your mind about what kind of medical care you want to receive near the end of your life?

8.   Business Succession – Do you own a business and want to change what will happen to your interests in the business upon your death?

9.   Tax Laws – Have the tax laws changed since you last revised your estate plan?

10.   State – Have you moved to a new state since you last revised your estate plan?

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