In re: Tribune Company Fraudulent Conveyance Litigation.

DeBlasio & Donnell LLC is representing two clients named as defendants in two of the lawsuits related to the leveraged buyout of the Tribune Company in 2007.   In the lawsuits, the Plaintiffs generally seek to recover all sums paid to former Tribune Company shareholders as part of the leveraged buyout.There are currently two core groups of lawsuits.  One is “The Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of the Tribune Company, on behalf of Tribune Company, et al. v. Dennis J. Fitzsimmons, et al. (the “Committee Action”)”, which is a lawsuit commenced by the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of Tribune Company on behalf of the bankruptcy estate of Tribune Company.  The Committee will eventually be replaced by a litigation trustee.  The Committee Action alleges claims based on federal bankruptcy law.

The other core group of lawsuits were commenced by Deutsche Bank, Wilmington Trust, Law Debenture, and William A. Niese, et al. on behalf of the Tribune Company Retirees (“Individual Creditor Actions”).  These are hundreds of lawsuits brought by creditors of Tribune Company and allege claims based on state law causes of action.  

Both the Committee Action and all of the Individual Creditor Actions have been transferred to the Southern District of New York for coordination under multidistrict litigation.  In Re Tribune Fraudulent Conveyance Litigation, Consolidated MDL, S.D.N.Y. (Nos. 11 MD 2296, 12 MC 2296).

If you reside in Illinois and have been named as a defendant in any of the lawsuits relating to the Tribune Company’s leveraged buyout, you should seek legal counsel immediately.  Our attorneys can be reached at (630) 560-1123 or via our website at

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