Gas Company Prevails In Negligence Suit By Homeowner Over Explosion.

The Second District Illinois Appellate Court has upheld a ruling by a Winnebago County trial court that Northern Illinois Gas Company was not liable for negligence in a lawsuit for injuries sustained from a natural gas explosion that destroyed the plaintiffs home.  No trial was necessary in the lawsuit because the trial court granted summary judgment finding that the gas company had neither constructive nor actual knowledge of defects in gas piping at the home, and thus the gas company owed the Plaintiffs no common-law duty to inspect, warn, or repair any defects.  To read the Appellate Court’s April 28, 2010 ruling, click here Turner v. Northern Illinois Gas Co.   The attorneys at DeBlasio Law Group, LLC have successfully litigated matters on behalf of plaintiffs as well as defendants in negligence and property damage lawsuits.  Visit our website for more information at