DeBlasio & Donnell LLC Reach Prompt Settlement For Architect Sued In Cook County Circuit Court.

(June 2012) DeBlasio & Gower LLC finalized a settlement for an architect that was sued for negligence and breach of contract in Cook County Circuit Court.  The firm filed a motion to dismiss the claims against the architect, and a settlement was reached within a few days thereafter.  The lawsuit involved renovations to a commercial office property in DuPage County, Illinois, and claims were also asserted against the general contractor on the project and other defendants.

Recently, the Illinois Supreme Court reaffirmed that the scope of a design professional’s duty is limited to the terms of its contract, and will not be expanded beyond those terms, whether by expert opinion or otherwise.  See Thompson v. Gordon, 241 Ill.2d 428, 448-49 (2011) (citing Ferentchak v. Village of Frankfort, 105 Ill.2d 474, 482 (1985)); see also, Tolan and Son, Inc. v. KLLM Architects, Inc., 308 Ill. App. 3d 18, 26 (1st Dist. 1999).  Thus, the terms of a contract for architectural services serves as the cornerstone for defending a claim against a design professional, such as an architect or engineer.

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