DeBlasio & Donnell LLC Obtains a $517,500 Judgment For Client Burned By Gas Station Explosion

The trial attorneys at DeBlasio & Donnell LLC recently won a substantial trial verdict for a client who suffered significant injuries in a gas station explosion.  Our client was an individual who, upon leaving a Shell Gas Station retail facility in Summit, Illinois, headed for home through the alley behind the gas station.  While  standing in the alley off of the gas station property, our client struck his lighter which produced a spark and resulted in an explosion, severely injuring him.

At the time, a tanker truck was delivering gasoline into Shell’s underground storage tanks.  The vapors from delivery were required to be vented directly back into the tanker truck by way of a vapor recovery system which is connected to the tanker truck as well as the underground storage tank.  The vapor recovery system was either not connected, or not connected properly, causing an invisible cloud of highly flammable and explosive vapors to be present in the alley near our client.

As a result of the explosion our client suffered second and third degree burns to his face, neck, arms and hand; partial hearing loss; tinnitus; and post-traumatic stress disorder, among other injuries.  Prior to trial, defendants offered to settle the case for $125,000.  On the eve of trial, all defendants admitted liability on the condition that plaintiff accept 10% responsibility, which arrangement was accepted by our client.  At trial, the defendants argued that our client’s injuries were, at most, worth only $50,000.  On January 31, 2013, the Circuit Court of Cook County awarded our client $575,000 in damages against Shell Oil and all other defendants, and then reduced the award to a total judgment of $517,500 pursuant to the 10% contributory negligence stipulation of plaintiff.

The personal injury attorneys at DeBlasio & Donnell are committed to fighting for the rights of our clients who have been injured by the negligent conduct of others.  We have the experience to take on billion dollar companies such as Shell Oil in the case here and are not deterred by the size of the companies that cause injury to our clients.  Our client was represented at trial by two of our trial lawyers, Margaret M. Donnell and David M. Gower, along with attorney Stacey Lynch.

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