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The Role of a Business Litigation Attorney

Business litigation, also referred to as commercial or corporate litigation, involves a wide variety of non-criminal legal actions that you or a business may be involved in to protect rights, assets, or business interests.

The list of potential business litigation disputes is long, but the most common involve:

–   Breach of contract

–   Partnership and investor disputes

–   Business torts

–   Intellectual property litigation

–   Legal malpractice

–   Breach of fiduciary duty

–   Real estate disputes

–   Business or consumer fraud

–   Joint venture disputes and disputes arising from mergers and acquisitions

Overview of Common Business Litigation Cases

The legal causes of action that arise out of business litigation are numerous, and we can discuss the complaints you’d like to bring or defend during a consultation. However, to give you an idea of how business litigation works, we’ll provide an overview of two common disputes our attorneys handle: breach of contract and partnership disputes.

Breach of Contract

As you probably know, contracts are legally binding agreements that are used in everything from real estate to employment agreements. Most people form and perform contracts every day without even realizing it.

Contracts are an essential part of business dealings and society in general because they provide a framework for moving forward while hopefully making everyone’s expectations clear. They are designed to hold each party accountable for their promises.

In an ideal world, everyone would fulfill their promises, and breach of contract disputes (where a party does not meet its contractual obligations) would not exist. However, failing to meet a contractual obligation is just one potential aspect where a breach of contract dispute can arise. There could even be confusion about a particular term or phrase in a contract means or whether a contract exists at all.

Partnership Disputes

A new business partnership almost always begins with the purest and best intentions. However, disputes can arise when things don’t go as planned. There may be challenges related to contracts, partner dishonesty, intellectual property violations, criminal activity, and other issues.

Litigation also may arise if one partner wants out of the business, wants to change the agreement, or there is a death, divorce, or marriage that affects one of the partners.

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