Perdue Farms Faces Lawsuit Over “Humanely Raised” Labeling of Products.

DeBlasio Law Group, LLC has learned that The Humane Society of the United States announced the filing of a class action lawsuit against the nation’s third-largest poultry producer, Perdue Farms, over the company’s alleged false advertising practices of factory farmed chicken products as “humane.” The suit—filed by an HSUS member on behalf of consumers duped by Perdue Farms—alleges that Perdue is illegally marketing its “Harvestland” and “Perdue” chicken products with “Humanely Raised” labels in violation of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.   The complaint seeks, inter alia, compensatory damages for the class members, as well as injunctive relief against further use of the “Humanely Raised” claim by Perdue.   Video relating to the lawsuit can be seen at

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